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Медицинская книга

Разделы:  Фармакология

Pharmacology: An Introduction

Pharmacology: An Introduction

300,00 грн. +доставка

Код товара: Ф04024

Автор: Henry Hitner

Наличие: под заказ

Год издания: 2011

Страниц: 598

ISBN: 0-07-312275-0

Размер: 27,5х21,5х2,3

Переплет: мягкий

Вес: 1.242 кг

Товар добавлен 22.08.14

This text, formerly Basic Pharmacology, provides a basic understanding of pharmacology with an emphasis on drug therapy and drug interaction. In each section, a review of pertinent physiology and related diseases precedes the presentation of the pharmacology of the drugs. The major theme of the fifth edition is to concentrate on core facts and present the clinical aspects of pharmacology as it relates to patient care.

This text includes a chapter on drugs and the geriatric patient; information on nutrition and vitamins with explanations of drugs and food interactions; more thorough math review; new material on patient education; and Internet


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